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A spiritual cockblock

August 22, 2010


i’ve erased two of my last paragraphs. writing is getting difficult, i dont know whether its because my mind is clouded with thoughts or because the lack of it. times have been better on the front, relationships are getting ruined, work is not getting done and there has been no progress on the ‘happy meter’. […]


August 17, 2010


i’ve been going through a strange couple of days, its odd to have someone give you an honest third person perspective of your day to day life. I recently hired a friend at my company, against my better judgement if i’m honest. It’s his second day and we’ve all been through it, they constant small […]

Mini Skirts, Alcohol and Cheap Deco. We’re easy to please.

August 15, 2010


there comes a time in everyone’s life where enough is enough, that time when people just say “fuck it” i’m going for it. and although its hard to tell when you’re time’s up or when you’re simply being irrational. i’d like to believe that i’ve lived long enough, experienced more than my fairshare of shit […]

On any given monday

August 9, 2010


having fallen into a shallow, quiet and some how contented existence, life has been passing me day by day, conversation by conversation, followed by a quiet slumber in the night. The nights go down easy and the days pass smoothly. something feels different now, more than ever. Gone are the days of constant frustration, sleepless […]

state of confusion

July 31, 2010


i wanna quit my job, but then again, i don’t want to. indecisiveness is a man’s worst enemy. i believe that i’m being underpaid for my efforts at work. my qualifications, my ideas and my ethic are under severe bombardment by people, people who hold imaginary titles that are awarded based on their imagined prowess. […]