Posted on August 17, 2010


i’ve been going through a strange couple of days, its odd to have someone give you an honest third person perspective of your day to day life.

I recently hired a friend at my company, against my better judgement if i’m honest. It’s his second day and we’ve all been through it, they constant small talk, the grasping of straws for the slightest connection with another human being. I think he has it good though, when i started, i had no one.

in a passing comment, he mentioned how loud i talked, how i cussed and that generally, i was acting like a jackass.

having a clearer understanding of my behaviour in the given circumstance, it feels like my soul has elevated itself to the surrounding areas, circling my physical being and observing my behaviour, my speech and my disposition.

i dont know how to feel, like a confused traveller who’s made a mistake at a nearby town. Should I skip town in embarrassment and run the risk of not finding a town as good? Or should I stay and try to make good on the town.

maybe i need to keep my head down, i have been mouthing off.

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