On any given monday

Posted on August 9, 2010


having fallen into a shallow, quiet and some how contented existence, life has been passing me day by day, conversation by conversation, followed by a quiet slumber in the night.

The nights go down easy and the days pass smoothly. something feels different now, more than ever. Gone are the days of constant frustration, sleepless nights and occasional lapses of concentration, with the mind drifting to far off mystical paradises.

Is this contentment? I feel a part of me has started accepting my fate, like a concentrated liquid being soaked up in a sponge, slowly but surely your entirety seeps in and before you know it, your ensconced. is this such a bad existence? money, work happiness and peace of mind.

i’m afraid this peace of mind has made me complacent in my search for that something more in life. it can be all about consumer goods, relationships and procreation can it? i refuse to believe so anyway. i need to get out of this hole if i’m to further explore my potential as a human being.

i remember a greek myth about a place back in the ages, where man was provided everything he thought he needed, women, entertainment, food and shelter. given everything that society conditioned him to need and more so, want. and once trapped in this illusion of happiness, would be were he spent his eternity. months would seem like days, years would seem like weeks and before man knew it, they were old, lost in the satire sea of instant gratification, with an empty soul and a meaningless existence.

and that is the hole, the hole i’m in, the hole that has cut off the sun to my eyes, the oxygen to my brain. the hole that has blinded me from more meaningful things in life, to experiences that make me grow as a human. rather, now this hole feeds me with articles buried within its walls to distract me, articles like iphones and ipads. articles that make me believe my life’s okay in the hole. not many people brave the hole to climb out of it, not many people can remember what the sun looks like, how it looked like at a better time in everyone’s life.

not me, that cant be me, i hope, i’ll kick, punch and claw my way out. I need to… but first, i need money.

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