state of confusion

Posted on July 31, 2010


i wanna quit my job, but then again, i don’t want to. indecisiveness is a man’s worst enemy. i believe that i’m being underpaid for my efforts at work. my qualifications, my ideas and my ethic are under severe bombardment by people, people who hold imaginary titles that are awarded based on their imagined prowess.

life is hard sometimes, in that as much as you would like to believe, that life is fair, that everything balances out and that every cloud has its silver lining. i wouldn’t have the audacity to say that, that isn’t true, i would have to say that there is something characteristically unfound about the way life has been going for the past 3 months.

useless people, who contribute little or nothing to the life force of an entity consume most of its resources. darwin theorized that the weak die and the strong survive. by that logic, the weak are merely incapable of being strong, being dominant and being assholes.

in similar fashion to human, does that mean that ‘nice’ guys are nice soley cos they dont have the audacity to pull of stunts that guys with lesser self awareness can? and by right, if they did have that kind of audacity, the consideration of others would be thrown out the window, like the rest of the socially coined word ‘jocks’.

in most situations, people don’t get their due, the nice are bullied and pushed around, while the powerful, aggressive and coniving bastards of the world roam free, in their fancy cars, dressed in their fancy clothes with tens of hundreds of not-so-fancy girls.

politicians, musicians, druglords.

the world’s unfair and the much coined phrase ‘if you can beat them, join’ comes to mind when you realise that, you can never beat the wicked, you can never truimph over evil and so, when you see the ‘nice’ guy come on top in a movie, just remember, that movies are based on fantasies and that in the so-called ‘real’ world, it pays to be aggressive, be a dick or in the words of every russell peter’s worshipping Asian – be a Man.

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